What to buy for the runner and workout fanatic – on. a. budget.

I just can’t even believe we’re talking about Christmas here. Wasn’t it just Christmas like, 2 months ago?! I feel like I just wrote a post on some new years resolutions, and now I’m like, “Uh, wait, I didn’t even start any of them that one…”

Anyhow. This year was pretty much the first time I made NY resolutions and now I know why I never do. I think it would be a better idea to just make monthly resolutions. Month-to-month goals seem much more doable, yes?

So. Since I have a running Christmas list – haha, “running” Christmas list – all year long, and it never seems to shrink, and most people’s NY resolution is to get in shape, and probably on a budget, I thought it only appropriate to share some things you should add on your Christmas list so that you can workout AND still afford to eat healthy. 😉

So maybe your like me, or rather, the new me since I’m starting a new season in my life (which is talk for another day 🙂 ), and you are short on time AND trying to save some Benjamin’s. So you wanna have a little “home gym” going on so it’s convenient AND you don’t have to pay that monthly gym fee. These are some things that think you should have…

Resistance bands/figure 8 bands – between $10-$15

Balance ball – $25

balance ball

Medicine ball – $10-$15

Dumbbells (and don’t go with the kind I have…go with the single dumbbells – like the 2nd picture…when you are doing circuits or a video or something faster, it’s waaaaay too time consuming to have to change out the weights!)

My iron set was from Target and was $30…the neoprene Spri ones are on Amazon and it varies per set per pound…anywhere from $20-$55 per set, yes a little more moolah, but in the long run, it’ll save you the cost of all the hair dye to cover up the grays caused by the stress of having to change out your weights. Your welcome. 🙂


Yoga mat – $15- $30

Jump rope – $??

Stepper – I found mine at a garage sale for $10, so i’m not sure how much they are new…

TRX straps (and you can mount this over a door {if you don’t break the door and your Hus says you can’t use the door anymore….}, or you can use a pull up bar to hang it from. OR your garage! OR a tree. 🙂 ) (And the link is for Amazon, but I DID get mine at Walmart for $40)


Bosu ball (this little devil is on my list still, but it. is. awesome.) – $120



Activmotion bar – $115-$160 depending on which weight you want…AND! you can get a 10% discount by using the code ‘NICOLE’. 🙂

All of these things you can find at Dicks, a sporting goods store, Amazon… but I found a lot of this stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s for like, half the price of a sporting goods store. And obviously, you can create a workout with all of this stuff or even none of this stuff. You could do push ups using nothing, using a balance ball, using the bosu ball, a med ball, an Activmotion bar, a stepper, and each piece is going to give you a slightly different push up. AND! This stuff doesn’t take up all that much room. 🙂

Now, if your a runner, or buying for a runner, here are some ideas…

~ Compression socks or sleeves – ProCompression, Zensah…. $40 a pair and WELL worth it!

~ Magazine subscription – Runner’s World, Women’s running, Trail running, etc….

~ Nuun….$5-$6 a tube

~ Oofos recovery sandals….$40

~ Gloves

~ Hats

~ Honey stingers

~ socks

~ Foot warmers

~ Jackets with reflectors

~ Yak traks….$40

~ Hippie Runner headbands….$5

~ fuel belt – Spibelt, Nathan, HipSsister

~ Foam roller….$25

~ Ear buds – Yurbuds, Koss….$20-$40

~ Yoga sessions

~ Massage session

~ Race entry

~ Sunglasses – I love these Nike’s!…$100


~ Gift cards – your local running store, Dicks Sporting Goods, yoga studio, spa

~ SHOES! Duh. Lots of shoes.

So there. Your welcome. And if YOU think of something that would be a great gift, or something that is on YOUR list, tell me tell me tell me!!! I might need to add it onto MY list! 🙂

And if you aren’t 100% buying something for someone, DON’T FORGET THE GIFT RECEIPT!!! 🙂

Have a great day! And don’t forget to thank a soldier! 🙂


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