Hot Chocolate 15k weekend!

Oh hey, surprise! I’m running a 15k this weekend!


I had actually been wanting to run this race, but um, I kinda didn’t realize how fast it came up on me and it’s sold out. 😥 AND! it’s THIS Sunday! (It’s November?!?!)  Anyhow, my luck just turned around because I have a running friend from my gym who had an entry to it and she just found out that she has a stress fracture in her foot, so she asked me if I wanted her bib. I know, “my good luck” is her “bad luck”…but hey, can’t let a race bib go to waste eh?! At least for her, her injury happened in the cold winter months and not in spring, summer, or fall…AND it sounds like if she takes it easy, she will be good to go run in a few weeks, so that’s good! And I think I might have just recruited her AND her running buddy to run the Pittsburgh half with me in May! Road trip! Out of town races! YAY! 🚙🏃🎉

So anyway…I’m running the Hot Chocolate 15k this Sunday and it’s gonna be cold. ❄⛄ But hey, it’s worth it for that mug-o-hot-chocolate at the end right?!🍵


Have a great Friday friends! ☺

Have you run the hot chocolate race before?


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