Sunday is for summarizing. And sharing my space. And some bargains.

Between the holiday last week and everything else extra I have going on (which I will probably elaborate more on at a later date), blogging has been scarce! Just another 5 more weeks of this crazy schedule I got goin’ on and hopefully I adjust better to the next schedule change in my life. It’s times like these though, that I’m SUPER thankful for a Hus that easily picks up the slack – and withOUT complaining about it! I, on the other hand, would sound like my whiny, teenage cat if the tables were turned! 😉

Anyhow, since having to squeeze in shorter workouts at home lately, I managed to do a spinning workout this week, at home:


a 4 mile run on Wednesday:

1126141605[1] 1126141611[1]

and an 8 mile run on Saturday:

8 miles


I am really trying to work on pacing (one of my goals for next year), and so I forced myself to start out slower, but as you can see, I just stayed slow…I just don’t even know. I literally had to yell (out loud) at myself a few times in the first 3 miles (which, clearly, I did slow down) to slow down. Maybe my problem isn’t so much trying to slow down in the beginning, but more of me needing to push myself more towards the end? When it starts getting hard??

Thanksgiving day was great and relaxing. The Hus cooked dinner (I made the pecan pie!), and him, my mom, and I just ate and watched movies all day. Gave the furkid some turkey and she started napping way before we took naps! And her nap lasted like, 8 hours…she didn’t even move from this spot on the back of the couch…for 8 hours…



I finally got my desk space all set up and organized. Since the beginning of time, I’ve just used my laptop wherever I was camping out, but now it’s really nice to have a work space! And I snagged some desk organizers at TJX for super cheap! This space makes paying bills studying blogging a whole lot funner! (And p.s. the one side of the desk is practically empty at the moment because it’s waiting for the desk top computer that is gonna fill that space up in a few weeks.)


The Hus just got the same desk and it is behind mine, so this map and world clocks are in between our desks. I’m a lover of traveling and other countries, so this set-up fits me. It’s been there for a while, but now that i’m gonna be in the office more, I’ll get to enjoy it more! Just don’t mind the clocks not being the right times – the batteries are all dead. 🙂 But they are set for: New Dehli, Bangkok, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, and Jerusalem – places I’ve been. Except Jerusalem. But I’d love to go there! And I haven’t been to New Dehli, but I have been to India. So…same same. 🙂 Oh wait, same same is a Bangkok thing. Anyhow, I still need to find a frame for his new degree so it’s just sitting on his desk for now.


These 2 bamboo boxes were perfect for my desk and what I needed them for! $7.99 each at TJ Maxx!



And you can’t really tell here, but I have to keep all my pencils upside down because the furkid eats the erasers off the tops of them. 🙂 And I had to have something with drawers or she will play with the paper clips and rubber bands too. 🙂 Kids…


Oh! So while i’m on this kick of sharing my recent bargain buys with you – which did NOT happen on black Friday! at least, not in a store! 😉 – I snagged some Rock and Republic jeans at Kohl’s for $45 – regularly $88! They make me look like I actually have a butt! AND they come in short! Jeans that compliment the butt AND compliment the wallet are hard to find, so this buy made me happy.

Speaking of bargains, if you are in the market for legos, like, bulk legos, there is a guy selling 1000 pounds of legos for $30,000 on eBay. Real deal right there. I mean, if that $30k you have stuffed under your mattress is starting to make your mattress slide around…

P.S. Found these Unreal PB cups at Kroger tonight. SUPER happy! Target had them for a while and then stopped carrying them, but tonight I saw them and the packaging had changed, so who knows what was up with that. I’m just glad I can find them again!


Oh. K. That is IT! When you don’t blog a whole lot, it’s tough catching you up on everything! 🙂

How was your thanksgiving?

Did you go black Friday shopping?? Did you make it out alive??? What good deals did you snag????



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