Wayward Wednesday

~ The days you wanna rip an eyeball out b/c you either have a scratch on your eye & it’s the most uncomfortable thing in the world and you look like you’ve been up all night crying, or there is a speck of somethin’ somethin’ in that eyeball that you can’t see and that won’t BUDGE

~Moving on from coconut and maple to gingerbread b/c The Hus keeps “loving” stuff that he hated before…I was excited when I started loving coconut because he hated it and I knew that anything chocolate that had coconut in it, was safe and I didn’t need to hide it….then he started liking coconut. Or at least SAYING that he liked it and then eating all my coconut Good Green bars. So I started loving maple stuff. He hates maple. So everything maple was safe on the counter. Until that one day when a maple Kind bar was the only “sweet thing” in the house and all of a sudden! THE HUS LIKES MAPLE!? Moving on to gingerbread. Until that day (yesterday) when I got some gingerbread popcorn from Garrett’s popcorn in Chicago and he starts eating it while I was eating it…and he says he LOOOOVES gingerbread. I’m out of hiding spots and at this rate I’m starting to lose faith that I will find a “sweet, healthy” thing that he DOESN’T start liking…


~I figure having a furkid is almost better than having a human kid. Why? Because even as she gets older, she STILL wants to be everywhere I am. She STILL wants to cuddle, sleep with me, be in the same room with me, talk to me, and steal our new desk chairs….sure, she backtalks and whines more as a teenager, but the pros outweigh the cons.


~Gingerbread creamer. ‘Nough said.


~I don’t even know when I’m gonna have time to put my tree up. It’s usually up the day after turkey, but I just haven’t had time this year! The Hus keeps asking me every day when we are gonna put It up. Maybe Christmas day I’ll have some time since I’ll be off?? P.S. Real or fake?? We got a real tree once. About 3 years ago. And I’m STILL cleaning up needles. NEVER AGAIN! Unless we had hardwood floors…

~Thomas Edison bulbs. I want these bulbs all over my house. I. LOVE. THEM.


~These emails from all my favorite stores letting me know about the HUGE ONLINE SALES FOR TODAY ONLY! STOOOOOPPPPP IT! It just makes me shop for MYSELF.


~I have been having trouble falling asleep this week. I’m tired, but then I get in bed around 11:00 and I can’t fall asleep. I lay there wide awake for at least an hour. And I’m not even really worried about anything in particular or have my mind on something that is keeping me awake…naps have never been more appreciated than they are this week.

~Would you rather: have a scratch on your eye or a burn on your tongue from hot pizza?


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