Finally forced into the Christmas spirit.

Well, now that I don’t have to spend every waking moment studying, I found time to get the tree up. The Hus is happy. And so is the cat.
Me on the other hand….


The last few years I just haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit. The years go too fast & without kids and all the family around for all the fun, it’s just not the same anymore. Very low key now.
This is my favorite part of the decorations. #allmyfavoriteornaments



And The Hus’ favorite part.


I did make The Hus find a cheesy Christmas movie to make it more festive too. Have to have the Christmas movies…


And that’s that.
Now the important part. Three new wines my mom & I tried over the weekend.




The zinfandel my mom bought because of the fleur de lis. The Riesling I bought because the Santa Barbara caught my eye because my cousin lives there. The cabernet we tried at TJ’s wine tasting & its amazing! Clearly we buy based on the look of the bottle. But we won every time.
Have a great Monday! 😃


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