After a week of Friday’s, it’s FINALLY Friday!

This week seriously felt like THE longest week EVER! Like, could we HAVE any more “it-feels-like-Friday” days in 1 week?! Now it’s my typical “It’s-finally-the-weekend-so-I-wanna-stay-up-all-weekend-and-not-waste-a-minute-of-the-weekend”. Here I am at midnight wide awake, paying bills, drinking wine, blogging, adding tunes to my workout playlist, and online shopping. Pier One might be getting my paycheck tomorrow. Just sayin’. For wine glasses. Can you have too many wine glasses?? You guys. Just LOOK! And if you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you KNOW I’m a freak for mix-matched stuff…


P.S. I really did do the paper plate workout on Wednesday! I just haven’t had time to take pictures of everything, and telling you the names of these exercises would leave you going, “Why do I even bother reading this chick’s blog. She makes 0 sense. It sounds like she just had a picnic on the living room floor with a stack of Styrofoam plates.” But on the real, my abs and back are STILL sore! So you should be looking forward to getting the DL on this “paper plate” workout.

Tonight I did 30 minutes of boxing on my bag and then 20 minutes of lower body strength. I was drenched. This was my 20 minute lower body workout:


Tomorrow I’m hoping to get in 10 miles. The running has been few and far in between lately so I’m REALLY looking forward to a “longer” run! Since my time has been stolen the last 5 weeks (3 weeks to go!), I’ve made it a point to at least get 3 workouts in during the week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And then whatever I can do on the weekend. I can’t wait to get back into a routine the first of the year.

Having you been having a hard time finding time to workout during the holidays?

What is your all time favorite place to go shopping?? I’m a sucker for TJ Maxx and Marshalls. And Dicks.


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