Stitch fix #1!!!!

I think by now we have all heard about stitch fix. The monthly subscription box where you create a “fashion profile”, and then get a personal stylist to put together a box with 5 different items for you each month. Or however often you choose to sign up for. It’s $20 a month and then whatever items you decide to keep, the $20 goes towards that cost and you just ship the items back that you don’t want! Easy-peasy. They even send you a return shipping bag to just drop it in a mailbox within 3 days of getting your box.

Practically all the bloggers are doing it and then my friend, Rachel, just signed up last month too. Since about 75% of my clothes are workout-related clothes, I thought maybe this WOULD be a good idea since I need some “real clothes”. Is THAT why all the fitness bloggers signed up too?!

Anyhow, got my first ‘fix on Friday! Here’s what I got.

41Hawthorn Trinidad Chevron Print Henley Blouse. It’s hard to tell, but it’s white and a dark teal.



Kut From The Kloth Emmett Boyfriend Jean. Eh, didn’t like these at all. Very UNflattering.


Octavia Mondo Colorblock Cross Stitch Infinity Scarf. I like this scarf. BUT! Not keeping it. It’s kind of a little too heavy and bulky…




Market and Spruce Berneen Graphic Print Dolman. This was fuchsia and navy. I kind of like this. But not enough to keep it and pay $64. It was just “o-k” in my book.


And the Market and Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan. Which I had seen numerous time in other boxes. I like it a lot. BUT! After trying it on 100 times and going back and forth, I’m not keeping it. The sleeves are super long – which is typically fine because I like pulling them over my hands when my hands are cold 🙂 but they just stayed pulled over my hands. And if you wear it zipped up, as you can tell, the inside piece really bunches up and looks sloppy to me. So, back it goes.


1214141848[1] 1214141850[1]


So i’m keeping 1 top – the chevron blouse. It’ll be a good top for work. And i’m perfectly fine with keeping 1 item out of the 5. To me, if I only keep 1 of the 5 items each month, I’m ok with that. Because it’s at least 1 new dressy-er item a month that I normally wouldn’t buy, that I SHOULD, because all I ever buy are workout clothes. 🙂 But if you DO keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount on everything! I’ll just go back into my profile and update a few things so that my stylist has some good feedback for the next ‘fix! 🙂

Have you tried, or do you get, a stitch fix box? What have you got from it that you have kept and loved??


8 thoughts on “Stitch fix #1!!!!

  1. I am awful shopping in real life, so unless I know EXACTLY what I want, online shopping for clothes is a big no no for me. Having to try something on 100 times is a sign you don’t really “love” it. Wise choice not to keep it.


  2. I LOVE StitchFix. I usually keep at least 2 items, but this fix I only kept one. I have kept all 5 one time-the 25% discount is really awesome!! I try to keep my Pinterest board updated with things that I want. It is definitely worth it to me to have clothes delivered to my door!!


    • I used to try everything on at the store, but now I just buy it, get the heck outta there, and try it on at home. Then return it if I don’t like it. Lol. So I don’t mind the online shopping or returning. Lol


  3. I’ve never done Stitch Fix, but I’ve heard a lot about it from other bloggers! I’m not really a good online clothing shopper — I find that I really need to try stuff on, because I seriously vary from wearing a small to a large depending on the fit! I used to order clothes from Victoria Secret all the time, but I stopped because I kept sending half the stuff back and it was too much work. Ha!


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