Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I know. The winter JUST started and we’re all sick and tired of it already. But WAIT! It’s technically not even winter yet! Not for another week! But if your anything like me, you fight winter depression too. Yes. Winter depression is a real thing you California, Florida, Texas PEOPLE! So on Christmas, be thankful you don’t have to deal with it – winter OR the seasonal depression! And then send me your sun! 🙂

I really think the hardest thing for ME is the darkness. I mean, I don’t enjoy the frigid cold (like below 30) OR driving in that CRAP (I can’t ever bring myself to use the ‘s’ word), but not having sunshine for 6 months really gets depressing. And the fact that it turns into blackness around 4:30…You go to work in the dark, and you come home in the dark. (Why didn’t I stay in Colorado where the sun literally SHINES all year long?!?!) It doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot for your motivation, energy, or desire to do anything other than hibernate on the couch with comfort foods, Hulu, Netflix, sweats (although that is an all-year round thing regardless ☺ ), fuzzy socks, and a blanket.

However, I KNOW that we can do things to help our winter blues. And when I came across this article the other day, it reminded me that I should take action NOW.

For starters, getting exercise – or keeping up with your exercise routine – is a key ingredient. If it’s too cold for you to go for that run or bike ride outside, take it inside. (I’m working on a post for this now.) ALTHOUGH, according to that article, it’s really good for you to at least get SOME “outside time”. Even in the cold, crappy weather. Even just 10 minutes a day will give your mood a boost. If for no other reason, the coldness wakes you right up! BUT, the coldness WILL boost your serotonin and dopamine levels, which are your “happy neurotransmitters”. And Omega-3’s help boost those serotonin and dopamine levels too. So I guess that bottle of Omega-3 that my Hus just bought 2 days ago, because being bipolar means he NEEDS those Omega’s ALL the time – he needs to share with me. 😀

Along the line of supplements, Vitamin D is something else that helps because a lack of it will cause depression. I’m sure all you Floridians and Californians have never even HEARD of a Vitamin D deficiency, but it’s real. 😉

Another issue that leads to this seasonal depression (SAD, by the way….) is being cooped up all the time. Ya know, hibernation mode. We NEED to GET OUT! Even if we can’t take a little trip to the sunny beach for a rejuvenation weekend, we CAN get our butts off our couches and brave the winter. 😉 Sure, maybe going out to dinner isn’t the BEST option, but ya know what, if that’s what you choose, it’s better than staying cooped up. I mean, ya still gotta EAT anyways! But there are other things – movies, hang out in a coffee shop with a book, meet up with a friend for coffee or lunch, go to the gym and sit in the hot tub (I’m partial to THIS idea), go see a play, take a drive to the country, ANYTHING to just get outta the house!


Sleep is another thing that we need to make sure we’re getting enough of, but from personal experience, I think we DO get enough of THAT in the wintry depressing months. I know we do. 😉

Oh, and just like any other time of the year, you are what you eat. Eat crap, feel like crap. ☺ So in the winter time, even though we wanna “eat crap”, question that decision because it is NOT going to help you get outta your winter funk. Keep eating your fruits and veggies! And really, since soups become a staple in the cold weather, add all the veggies to all the soups! 😉

So there ya have it. Your tips to help you to NOT fall into winter depression this year. 🙂

If you live in areas that have harsh winters, do you suffer from SAD?

What do you do to keep yourself upbeat and motivated??

What’s your favorite soup???


2 thoughts on “Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  1. Washington is definitely grey a lot, but thankfully I don’t suffer from SAD. I still try to get out and about. I do get bored easier and stay inside more, but I am pretty good at forcing myself out of any rut I fall into.


    • That’s good you are able to push yourself like that. The struggle is real for me, but the past couple of years I have gotten better at forcing myself out of that rut too. Sometimes I just allow myself to be a couch potato on the weekends and then keep myself moving during the week.


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