Monday madness, Z pizza, & desert runners.

I’m just gonna come out with it: I came home today and took an hour long nap and skipped working out. There. I said it. Do I feel guilt? None. Nada. Zip. Zilch! I feel like I just need some chocolate really…Plus I’ve been waking up with a scratchy throat the last 3 or 4 mornings, so I’m popping zinc tabs and Kold Kare and eating oranges like they are going out of style. So sleep needed to be part of that “don’t get sick” regimen.

Now it’s 11:06 and I’m wide awake wishing I had my TM so I could run right about now. I’m all kinds of messed up. I mean, I could spin…but it’s just not what I want right now. If The Hus would run, I’d drag him out for a night run. But I’m pretty sure it would have to be a cold day in hell before that would ever happen!

Since I’m still on a tight schedule, I’ve still been aiming for 3 workouts during the week and a run on the weekend. But last week was a spinning workout one night, a boxing & “glider” workout one night, and a short 3 mile run on Saturday morning.

1217141641a[1] 1220141010[1]


Obviously, I’m still learning my left from my right.


It was also a little madness and crazy over the weekend because last minute, we found out my nephew will be here for Christmas. We didn’t think we would be seeing my sister and nephew, so we were just ordering all of his presents online and shipping them to him. Now that there will be a kid here, we have to get in the Christmas spirit and actually celebrate! So we were shopping over the weekend so that his presents were UNDER the tree instead of arriving in boxes. 🙂

PLUS! I got to meet up with my running buddy, Rachel, for a new pizza – Z Pizza!

1220141735a[1] 1220141735[1]


We split the Mexican pizza – avocado, red onions, green onions, salsa, mozzarella, cilantro, lime chicken, and sour cream. SO good! And they have wheat crust which makes it even better. And then I had a discount card for $2 off a large, so we each ordered a large to take home to the Hubby’s. HIGHLY recommend Z pizza! And they are natural, non-GMO, organic, MSG free pepperoni, and they even have vegan options! It’s a thinner crust, not crispy, but everything was perfect. Just the right amount of toppings.

Will Run For Pizza – pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

Rachel – pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

And THEN! She told me about a documentary on Netflix called Desert Runners. So I watched it last night. And now I’m obsessed. All I’ve done since I’ve watched it, is research Samantha Gash, the main girl in it, research the race series, and now i’m looking up ultra-marathons nearby…I MUST  be getting sick. Desert Runners is about ultra-marathons in the most extreme deserts – Atacama Crossing in Chile (the driest desert), Gobi in China (the windiest desert), Sahara in Egypt (the hottest), and the last one is Antarctica (obviously the coldest). To do Antarctica, you have to have completed at least 2 of the other races. Each race is 250km. Over 7 days. 155 miles. Over 7 days. 155 miles. In. The. Desert. Carrying all of your food and gear on your back. It’s a self-sufficient race. 155 miles over 7 days. This isn’t just something you train for. I don’t think you COULD possibly train for it. You have to go into it KNOWING you are going to be in physical and mental PAIN, for 7 days. You are pretty much running a full marathon (usually a little more, and even one day in one of the deserts, is 99 km in one day), every day for 6 days. And camping out at night. I have never seen blisters like they had. I’m now obsessed. I want to torture myself like that. I have a high tolerance of pain and I love a good challenge like that. It’s on my bucket list. Just ONE. I’m thinking Chile because I don’t want hot, can’t do cold unless I do 2, and my contacts and eyes don’t do good with wind…If you do all 4 races within ONE CALENDAR YEAR, you get the grand slam title/bling. Nothankyou.

The Roving Race, which is part of the desert race series, goes to different places every year, and in 2015 they are running in Ecuador. It looks gorgeous! Here is the link to the 4 deserts website. Go be amazed. Anyone wanna do one with me? I did find some 50k’s, and 50/100 milers around here that I thought I should start with…but for some reason the desert one seems more doable. Why? Because you are “only” doing a marathon in 1 day, for 7 days. In a 50 or 100 mile race, you are doing that in 1 day typically. You are expected to walk a lot in the desert race. Ok. Enough of this. It’s just ridiculous that I’m even talking like this. but it’s on my bucket list for maybe, 2 or 5 years down the road… 😉

If you have Netflix, you should watch it.

P.S. I’m addicted to these. They are my new dinner. Every day. With sriracha, cheese, and guac.

1219141706[1] 1219141706a[1]


If I don’t talk to ya anymore this week, have a great Christmas and enjoy your family! 🙂


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