The Girl.

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I started running when I was probably 13 or 14. I was what you would call a ‘chunky girl’ growing up, but once I hit 12 years old, and about to turn into a teenager, all of a sudden I cared about my weight. I changed schools/churches at this time in my life and the kids there were into sports and some of them even ran. I thought, huh, I could maybe do that…it seems “cool”. So I just started running. I don’t even know how long or fast I was running, I just ran. Then I would drive the route I ran to see how far I ran. Eventually I started driving different routes before I ran so that I was setting some type of goal as far as distance. During my teenage years, I would run 3, 6, 10 miles, but never more than that. In my 20’s, my running life was so up and down it’s not even funny. By 25, when I was going through a divorce and had to ya know, get myself presentable again for the dating scene, I started running again and this is when I ran completed my first 26.2.

I had a friend who had walked the Columbus marathon the year before, and she was like, “we’re super women, come do it with me!” I’m like, “heck ya, I’m super woman – I run 8 miles! Of course I can do 26.2!” So, without further training, I signed right up. I have tried to forget my first marathon, but after 9 years, it still haunts me. I maybe ran half of it, and by mile 16, I remember thinking that I needed to just get on that fire truck and be done with this. Who was I kidding?! 26.2 MILES?! I don’t know about you, but I had NO idea just how far 26.2 miles really was until that day! I finished – oh yes, I finished, In UNDER 7 hours might I add – like 6 hours maybe?! And then came the physical training for my knee issues. Who would have thought that completing 26.2 miles without training could injure you?!?! So running came to a halt again.

Running introduced itself back into my life at age 32, when The Hus was diagnosed with diabetes. We changed our eating habits and I started exercising again because I was overweight too and knew I was headed down the same path as him. I started running again, but was not losing anything! I had a membership to Lifetime Fitness, and I had never tried any group classes because they scared me, but LT had some kickboxing classes and since I loved good ‘ole Billy Blanks, I thought, I’m just gonna try. One. class. Two years later, all my workouts consist of classes at the gym and running. I love the group classes – but it helps when there are awesome instructors. The kickboxing turned into spinning, no limits circuit (which is like boot camp and insanity all mixed together – favorite class ever!), barbell, and total body conditioning. As I started doing these classes (usually one of each class a week), I started seeing the pounds come off…FINALLY! (But I did meet with a nutritionist at LT at one point, and that helped too!) After I lost some of the weight, I started running again. I lost a total of 35 pounds, and it’s not as much as I would’ve like to have lost (I wanted to lose another 10 pounds…), but ya know what? I feel good. I’m healthy. I’m in shape. I eat healthy. I exercise. And I have some balance in my life. If I wanted to lose more weight, it would take more time and obsessiveness, and frankly, there is more to life than just worrying about the number on the scale. I’m happy and feel good about being a size 8/10. And as long as my current clothes still fit, I honestly don’t really care what the scale says.


So. My little blog is obviously focused on running and fitness, but health and healthy eating is also part of my little world – I mean, exercising and eating healthy really go hand in hand. I also have the gift of sarcasm, soooo…ya. I’m a pretty structured person, but I also LOVE change. Sometimes I like being sporadic and sometimes it throws me all outta whack. I used to be a scaredy cat growing up, but once I got outta my parents house I became this extreme adventurer, so now I love exploring and trying new activities. Even if it could be life-threatening. 🙂 Clearly I love pizza, and one of my missions is to try all the pizza places in Columbus, so you’ll definitely be the recipient of all the pictures and ratings and reviews. Buy hey, if you ever visit Columbus, OH, you’ll know where to eat! 🙂

I love my furkid. (A cat named Roxy.)


I love to laugh. I love funny people. I love sarcastic people.


I love quotes, dolphins, any water sport (I’m sure that I was really supposed to be born a fish or a dolphin, but something got messed up along the way…), flying, traveling, ice cream, wine, coffee, Jesus, bags (yes, bags. Really.), hoodies, fall, sunglasses, and naps. (In no particular order. I mean, Jesus first, but all the rest is pretty equal…)

Oh, and I do love my Hus! 🙂 He I got lucky with that one.


AND! I plan on never growing up. 🙂 Even though my drivers license keeps expiring and AARP keeps sending me brochures.


So run on friends! Or whatever workout your in to…!

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