Organizing my life. And a pizza update. And some other stuff…

It’s Saturday morning. I’ve been up since 6:45 am. My brain is a jumbled mess, my office floor looks like a bookshelf because I’m in the process of moving my bookshelf from the living room to the office, my desk looks like a tornado flew over it, and my bedroom floor looks like the closet and dresser threw up. Since it’s a fresh year, fresh start, and I’m finally done with training for my 2nd job (which means going forward I’ll be working it from home in the evenings), I feel like I can finally breathe and get my life put back together and work on some of the stuff on my to-do list. 🙂 It’s a great feeling to have a minute to get myself re-organized, but at the same time it’s so time consuming because I get side-tracked from things I’m finding…




First of all, let me say that the month of December was rough as far as workouts go. With being in training from 6-10 pm Monday through Friday, it left me little time to get in a great workout. Or at least a workout comparable to what I’m used to. Sure, I worked up a sweat every time, but they never left me as sore as I’m used to being. 😉 And after finally making it to strength class last Monday, I realized just how much I kinda “lost fitness”. After 20 minutes of class, my entire body was jello. AND, jello sounded really good at that moment. After 25 minutes, I looked at my mom and said, “I’m going to die.” I know now what dying is going to be like. My marathon was easier than that. Obviously, after almost cancelling my gym membership all together, I decided to NOT cancel it. 🙂

Side note: do you keep track of your miles per year? I actually did last year. Kinda. I mean, I write them in my little handy-dandy purse calendar – along with ALL of my workouts – so I was able to go back and add them all up. 🙂 668.5 for the year of 2014. I think I can do better this year. 🙂 Like, 1000 miles at least. Especially considering all of the races I wanna do! My best month was August with 103.1 and my absolute worst month was December with a total of 13 – THIRTEEN! – miles. I over did myself in December…

Next random: I started my boards. I have my January “resolutions”/goals written down in front of my face now. 🙂 And then the other board is just for blog notes, ideas, etc…


Next random piece of information that I need to share with you because well, it’s just too funny to NOT share with the world. 🙂 My mom. She has always hated coffee. The smell. The taste. Coffee breath. Everything about coffee. And she drinks energy drinks for the “kick”. And I yell at her about them. 🙂 So when she was with The Hus at my marathon in October – ya know, waiting around in the cold, early, hours for me for like, 5 hours, The Hus bought her a peppermint mocha from Tim Hortons. She loved it. She then went on to form a habit where she stops at the gas station every morning on her way to work (at 5 am) and gets a peppermint  cappuccino with shots of espresso. Hard core. So when she was at our house for Christmas last week, she actually tried “straight” coffee with peppermint creamer. When I say “straight” coffee, I mean, she had some coffee with her creamer. She put so much creamer in the drop of coffee, that she had to warm the coffee creamer up.

See? I never let down with the funny stories. 🙂

Sit back down. I’m not done with the randomness. Here is another game we play: ‘Where’s Roxy? We can’t see/find her…’

Oh, I’m not done yet! You won’t wanna go anywhere for this important announcement! It involves New Years Eve and pizza. And Bellacino’s. 🙂 New pizza place. New year. = great night.


Oh. My. Goodness. Gracious. Great box of pie. We got a plain cheese for The Nephew, a veggie for my mom and I, and a buffalo chicken. I don’t know about the cheese pizza, but the other 2 were beyond great! And The Nephew ate the whole small cheese pizza, so I’m gonna guess it was pretty good. 😉 Not a super thin crispy crust, but it wasn’t super thick either, so it was still good in my book! Perfect amount of toppings – not too much – and the sauce was REALLY good! HIGHLY recommend! 🙂

Will Run For Pizza: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The Hus: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The Mom: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The Nephew: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

Aaaaaaand, I think that’s all I need to share with you today. For now. 🙂 Back to working on blog stuff which involves moving from to and getting set up on Blue Host. And then hopefully next week, after the stress of this move wears off, I’ll make the change to a Genesis framework and a new theme. 🙂 So please forgive any “messes” you see on the blog right now…or if it goes down or something. I’m an IT/web “dummy” trying to do it all by myself so that I actually learn some ins and outs of my website. 🙂

Have you had to switch over to a self-hosted site? Any tips, ideas, heads ups you wanna give me???

What did you do for New Years Eve??

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions growing up and did you create a new tradition once you moved out of your parents house???



That day I took the NASM personal trainer test.

So hey! I took my personal training test today for NASM! I passed. 🙂



It definitely wasn’t an easy feat for me! I am the WORST at memorizing anything, and I struggled even taking the practice tests on my phone app every day. I carried around note cards and charts with me everywhere and read them every chance I got. For the few weeks prior to the test. 🙂 I had 180 days to take the test, and of course I waited until the end to start studying. Go me.

I think my study buddy helped my studying…or maybe SHE should have taken the test too.


And now I’m just over here celebrating the only way I know how.


Hope your having a great weekend and getting in the giving spirit of Christmas!


Pizza review, weekly workouts, and I can’t get enough…

It’s been a while since we’ve tried a new pizza place eh?! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating pizza, it just means we really haven’t tried any new pizza places. Boo 😦 So I decided it was time. Although, we have had Marco’s before, but it’s been years since we’ve had it. And we both remember loving it, so it was time to see if we still love it. Had to get The Hus a plain ole pepperoni and my mom and I got the garden pizza. Thin crust of course. 🙂


Ya sorry we kinda dove in as soon as we picked it up. :/ That’s what happens when you don’t eat all day apparently. There is a first time for everything.


The garden pizza had onions, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, feta, and other cheeses. SO good! The sauce was perfect. The thin crust  was perfect. And there was the perfect amount of veggies. 🙂

The Hus, Mom, and The Girl who runs for pizza give it a:


So since my time has been extremely limited lately – and will be for another 6 weeks – my workouts have had to change. For starters, I don’t have time to go to the gym for all the classes that I LOVE. And the weather has been COLD as Alaska this week. So thankfully The Hus got our punching bag set up Monday night!

Tuesday: 45 minute boxing workout (my arms were sore for 2 days!)

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 30 min strength/circuit workout (my upper body has been KILLING me since!)

Friday: um, nothing?

Saturday: 55 minutes of spinning. On the newest member of the family 🙂



This is the bike we got and I love it. My mom came over for a test ride too. We love spinning. 🙂

And then there is this. I can’t get enough of this right now.


And now it’s wine movie night! 🙂

Pizza review, and some other things that aren’t as important as pizza.

Sunday. After church, we made our way to Carsonie’s for lunch. It’s a family owned Italian restaurant in Westerville. We had heard they had really good stromboli’s, and since well, I kinda sorta love all things related to pizza, Sunday was the day to finally try it.  We didn’t end up getting a stromboli because The Hus didn’t feel like pizza…what?!?! So I just got my little own pizza. It was called “Frank’s Favorite Pizza” and it was thin crust, brushed with olive oil and garlic, and topped with tomato, spinach, feta, mozzarella, and provolone. 


You guys. This pizza. I would run another marathon THIS WEEKEND for more of this pizza. For realz. I give it:


Moving on the food list. Butternut squash. Can you believe that butternut squash is another squash that I have NEVER tried? But since one was given to us, I just had to try it…know what I’m sayin’?!


You guys. Butternut squash. Is my new fave squash this week. Wow. I might have eaten the whole thing by myself. All I did was chop it up, put it in a bowl and shake it up with olive oil, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese, lay on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and bake. I baked it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, flipped them over and baked for another 15 minutes. Quick, easy, and oh so yum.

Since I prepped our salads for the week on Sunday, the last 2 nights have been bliss. Each time I think about having to go to the kitchen to chop up veggies for an hour, I get a little giddy inside when I remember the fridge is FILLED with our weekly salads already. 🙂 I need to continue this trend because I think it’s changed my life this week. No lie.


These are my salads…I use the 7 cup Pyrex bowls for mine, and the 4 cup bowls for The Hus. #foodisyourmedicine

Flat irons. I hadn’t spent time with my flat iron for a LONG time. Until Sunday. Ya know, when I HAD to get out of workout clothes…



This look just proved to me that my hair IS in fact growing.

Monday’s strength class. Yesterday. Granted, my purse is heavy to begin with because I need to have everything with me in case I need…ya know…a screwdriver or something…OR…in case someone ELSE needs….a pen – no, nevermind because I don’t share my pens – in case someone else needs…a piece of candy, or 500…or a bobbi pin (even though I don’t even USE bobbi pins…)…but carrying that piece of luggage today, HURT. Like, when I heaved it over my shoulder, I think I might have grunted because of the pain it caused. I think he might have forgotten that we had a lower body because it was so much upper body that I was pretty much a bowl of jello right after the warm up. Why couldn’t he have done that workout the Thursday before my marathon?!?!? Ya know, when I BRIBED HIM WITH CANDY FOR A MARATHON FRIENDLY WORKOUT!!!!

Anyhow, you can just imagine the great exercises that came from that workout. But you don’t have to imagine it because I’m here to share a couple with you. And I’m pretty sure these are the 2 single moves that left my abs so sore that it hurts to breath. But thank God I have enough willpower to breath through the pain…I guess you just get used to breathing through the pain in an “Alexander class“. I must be a pro by now.

So. Here they are. Hopefully I didn’t scare you too bad to never try them, because they really ARE good moves. You just have to love pain too. 🙂

So in the first one, you don’t have to lift the top hand off the ball, but lifting the top hand off the ball would be the next level to add a little something something to the move. Don’t even tell me you don’t feel this in your abs!

In the second video, you want to make sure you are lifting your knee straight up past your hips, and turn your waist so that the ball is hitting your opposite side and your opposite elbow is hitting the opposite knee. Again, don’t even tell me you don’t feel it in your abs!

So that’s that. Hopefully the first paragraph about pizza didn’t distract you from getting you to the moves that you will have to do in order to actually eat the said pizza. 🙂

Peace out all you health and fitness friends!

Is your hair curly or straight? And do you fix it the opposite way?? mine is naturally curly, and I typically curl it with a big curling iron, but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up with straight 😉

My week at a glance.

Soooo. I waited too long to get to the health food store and get some cayenne pills. Everyone at work started taking turns being sick and I had text The Hus last Friday and told him we had to go to Raisin Rack to get some cayenne. Never made it. Then Sunday I woke up feeling run down and by Sunday night when we went to bed, I could tell I was gonna wake up with a sore throat and/or stuffed up. But Monday morning when I woke up, I really wasn’t feeling symptoms of a cold besides my body feeling weak and run down. I thought maybe it had to do with 20 miles on Saturday, I dunno? But I started taking Vitamin C, Kold Kare, Zinc lozenges, black tea with honey and cinnamon, etc….right away. I figured I would kill whatever cold I was starting to get. But, now that it’s Thursday, my body doesn’t feel run down, but i’m ALL kinds of stuffed up! So yesterday and today I just came home from work and took a long nap to try to help re-coop faster. It doesn’t seem as bad as the peeps at work got it, but I don’t need to be sick right now! These colds anymore seem to be lasting on and on and on and on, and remembering how awful it was to run a half marathon last May while being sick was, I really don’t wanna run a full marathon in a few weeks being sick! So I’m rebuking this dang cold and trying to slow myself down now before it get worse and I end up sick for weeks!

So I took the days off from working out yesterday and today. 🙂 Plus we’re going this weekend to help my sister move, so I didn’t wanna push it! I figure moving will be a workout, and I got a strength class in on Monday, kickboxing on Tuesday, and pizza on Wednesday – oh, wait, pizza wasn’t actually considered a workout…But I needed the pizza to help my body recover from the pain caused by the workouts on Monday and Tuesday. And ya know what? It did it’s job because now that it’s Thursday, the only thing left that is sore, are my calves! So see! Pizza is great recovery! 🙂

We finally made it to Slice of Columbus last night, which is where 18 local pizza places get together at the Columbus Commons, you pay $12 a ticket to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and you try ALL the pizza! It. Was. Great! (They do this event once a year and I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now.)


IMAG1233[1]          IMAG1231[1]          IMAG1232[1]


So. I hope your week has been good and your staying healthy! Time for me to go pack and figure out what to make for dinner!

I’ll be back on Sunday to fill you in on my weekend! 🙂

Any fun plans for this weekend?

Do you go apple picking this time of year??

Have you had a Sbux pumpkin latte yet??? (I just won a $10 gift card for Sbux at work, so i’ll be getting my pumpkin latte on TOMORROW for the drive to Cleveland! 😉 )